About This Blog

There’s more to the world around you than you know.

Part art and part science, a little bit of goofiness mixed with a lot of curiosity, Monsters in My Backyard is a blog that aims to take a new look at the things that people might see lying around in their yards every day. Lucky for readers, neither of the people behind the blog owns a dog.

Each post on Monsters in My Backyard features an illustration sprung from the mind of Wesley Wong, imagining some piece of the outdoors landscape as part of a monster, or at least a creature with a bit of personality (he can draw some rather hard-ass-looking owls).  Along with each illustration, Sheila Johnson offers an exploration of the science behind the natural feature that inspired it. The art suggests what could be; the writing explains what is. Curious about the place you inhabit? Always imagined there was something beyond what you saw? Same here. Welcome to our backyard!

Monsters in My Backyard updates weekly on Sundays. For the most part, the posts alternate between really long essays and slightly shorter ones (for Sheila, 500 words counts as a mini-post–freakin’ writers). For more information, e-mail us at monstersinmybackyard[at]gmail[dot]com, or contact us through the form below.

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